Colleoni bocce is specializes in the construction of bocce court, tradition in this area already boasts three generations of success.

Each surface for bocce courts of Colleoni is finished special in any details, this is what you can find in any construction that Colleoni realizes.
Offer a wide range of products for the supply of bocce courts and provides maintenance and extraordinary maintenance. The bocce courts that constructs are made with an innovative method used exclusively by COLLEONI BOCCE.
Colleoni marks with his logo every court that realizes to ensure the high level of quality you can feel on every his courts.
Realizes the construction of bocce courts worldwide. The strengths of the Colleoni are: HIGH QUALITY of boce court builds, the DURABLE of bocce courts and SPEED with which you can install the bocce court.
Bocce courts made from Colleoni are build for both indoor and for the outdoor installations, have high resistance to atmospheric agents, low and high temperatures.

The best surfaces for bocce court are made from Colleoni bocce that guarantees their work and the construction of the bocce area.
Colleoni bocce can repair the bubbles on the bocce courts and detachments from mantle of the bocce courts. You can repair and regenerate any type of surface for bocce courts.
Colleoni is a specialist manufacturer for bocce court and offers customized solutions to his clients. It’s a leader in bocce courts sector.
Colleoni bocce performs redevelopment of bocce courts and sports facilities, performs consulting pre and post implementation.
The sand for bocce court of Colleoni is provided directly to you, as the professional broom for bocce courts called Tiracampi, any provision or estimate for bocce courts are fast and easy, simply write an email or call+39 02 23052756.
Performs the supply of pallino for bocce game, supplies and installs bocce stopper or bumper perimeter for bocce courts.

Colleoni bocce provides marker used in bocce courts.