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Colleoni bocce is specializes in the construction of bocce courts, in addition, his tradition in this area already boasts three generations of success.


Each surface for bocce courts of Colleoni are finished special in any details. Therefore you can find this details in any construction that Colleoni realizes.
In addition, offer a wide range of products for the supply of bocce courts and provides tools for maintenance and extraordinary maintenance. The bocce courts that constructs are made with an innovative method used exclusively by COLLEONI BOCCE.

The company Colleoni marks with his LOGO every courts that realizes to ensure the high level of quality you can feel on every his courts. He can realizes the construction of bocce courts worldwide. The strengths of the Colleoni are: HIGH QUALITY of bocce court builds. Not less important the DURABLE of bocce courts and TIMING with which you can install the bocce court.

The Colleoni’s Bocce courts are synonyms of quality and professionality

Bocce courts made from Colleoni are builded for indoor and for the outdoor installations. Above all has high resistance to atmospheric agents, low and high temperatures.

The best surfaces for bocce court are made from Colleoni bocce that guarantees their work and the construction of the bocce area.

Colleoni bocce can repair the bubbles on the bocce courts and detachments from mantle or final surface of the bocce courts. We can repair and regenerate any type of surface for bocce courts.
Because is a specialist manufacturer for bocce court offers customized solutions to his clients. It’s a leader in bocce courts sector.

Colleoni can give consulence everywhere in the world on the field of bocce courts

Performs redevelopment of bocce courts and sports facilities, supplies consulting pre and post implementation.
The sand for bocce court of Colleoni is provided directly to you, as the professional broom for bocce courts called Tiracampi. Any provision or estimate for bocce courts are fast and easy, simply write an email or call +39 02 23052756.
Able to supply pallino for bocce game, supplies and installs bocce stopper or bumper perimeter for bocce courts.

Multipurpose bocce courts Colleoni

Our surfaces are multipurpose.  You can use the surface for other events like dances, dinners, shows and parties. Colleoni Bocce performs all the supply necessary to have a bocce court equipped ad hoc.

Do you have a bocce club and want to receive a quote for your surface? Call us!

We can restore the mantle of your bocce alley.
The sports surface of the bocce court can be installed with a spatula becuse is composted of resins and granules on the surface. The bocce club made in this way are long lasting.
Most importantly the slopes of the court can be levelled with the Colleoni synthetic mantle. Therefore in the bocce game it is very important that the boulevards or the bocce alleys are perfectly flat and regular.
However, in case you need a contract for bocce space or specifications for bocce alleys you can write us an email. Certainly The bocce player appreciate the synthetic mantles Colleoni bocce because they are leveled. In addition our bocce surface do not consume the bocce bowls.

We build from the ground the surface of the boulevards to the construction of the bocce space. In addition we provide all the necessary tools and equipment for your bocce courts. Many bocce clubs know us, we have built many surface in the various bocce place. Many bocce courts, after having laid out the synthetic coats, have been marked with our logo that distinguishes us. In many bocce clubs and private courts you can find our synthetic coats for bocce balls marked with our running horse.

Production and Direct sales at our warehouse and online

From Pallini for Bocce game, supplies and installs the head tires, perimeter bumpers or bocce stopper of the bocce court. Scrub brushes, professional brushes for bocce courts, chalks both in steatite and in bakelite. Various types of scoreboards from manual arrows, to classic ones with clock hands, or electronic ones.
Electronic scoreboards for bocce courts are available single-sided or double-sided with keyboard and remote control. Visit the shop now and buy the best products we offer.

Another very famous product is the gauge meter. Simillary people call Measuring stick for bocce or as is tipically called measure stick for bocce courts. These articles are produced directly by us and sold directly.
The supply of sand for Colleoni bocce is fast and convenient. At your disposal the typical Maiolica sand of Gavirate, the only sand that guarantees the perfect result for your boccia clay courts. Colleoni bocce fields can provide the famous Maiolica of Gavirate, used for the clay courts in clay. The Gavirate majolica is used to create the bottoms and playgrounds of traditional bowls. Non less the Gavirate maiolica for your bocce court is available in two varieties, SMOOTHED and COARSE.

To order just write an email to info@colleonibocce.com or call + 39 02 23052756

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