About us


We are high specialized company that is became a leader in the fields of Bocce court construction. Our tradition boast three generation in this job, WE ARE PROUD TO BUILD BOCCE COURTS for the game we love.

What we can offer?
– Can SOLVE ANY PROBLEM on your bocce court
– We can repair and fix small or large anomaly
– We GUARANTEE our works.

Our passion for this game encourage us to research continuously the best material and innovation to obtain the best result available we can supply. This high degree of excellence allow our company to perform works in the best place around the world . Using our “PRESTIGE” method, we offer the best quality and professionalism found on every courts we build. Seeing is believing with Colleoni. What we can offer?

Our laboratory research and development reach our company a level of QUALITY other builders never arrives. Using our “PRESTIGE” method we can offer the best quality and professionality you can touch in every courts we made. Seeing is believing with COLLEONI.

You can buy our products in shop online.

If you need any tools or material to complete your bocce court take look at our store. Professional bocce Brooms, markers, measure stick for bocce, pallino, sand for your bocce court, we are plenty of product may you need on the shop online.

You can see our best bocce courts here.

If you need to know more abut our works or you whant know how we realize our work take look our dedicated page.

What you are waiting for, call us and discover what we can do for you.


We are bocce court builders, we can repair or build from the ground your favourite or customizable bocce court, many colours avaiable, and many tools you need for your bocce court.