The court


“Prestige” is a synthetic sports surface, compact, waterproof, with a thickness of 7 mm, specially designed bocce court surface. It is developed by a multiple layers of resin, which has a high resistance to wear and weather, and is available in many colors: White, Yellow, Blue, Green, Ivory, Gray, etc. All surface meet the requirements of the Italian Bocce Federation, USBF, CMSB, EBA.


Our court guarantees a regular game, perfectly from the precise level of the surface. The elasticity of the synthetic provides a smooth bounce of the ball, and you can enjoy the game speed that you desire. It allows you to play RAFFA flight with the characteristic of “stick the ball on the spot”.
The courts produced with PRESTIGE method are characterized as maintenance free.
The high resistance to wear and weathering are the strengths of the surface being installed for both INDOOR and OUTDOOR.


We guarantee completely our work and provide a warranty covering the work for three years. This should help you sleep better at night.


The materials are fire resistant and do not release dust and dust allergies making cleaner environments.
Everything is made with certified materials.


Only after the surface layer wear is consumed (after about 8-10 years), can you then refresh the courts only with the final layer having saved more than 70% of the costs for new construction.


The court we made easily has more than 20 years life.


You can see our best bocce courts here.